Every day is unique, live it to the fullest.

The passion for good food

The passion for cooking becomes research, flavor, tradition, future. The many tastes of a unique territory they become original dishes that make the genuineness of the flavors their own distinctive character.

The tasting starts already from the entrance to the fort, in which surrounding perfumes and the colors of the vegetation of Portonovo prepare the palate to savor the territory. The sea with its scent and its predominant presence indicates the notes to our kitchen that translates the idea into food. The environment does the rest. The sobriety of the table, the kindness of our staff and the suggestion of the place complete an experience we are looking for make unique.

The Menu

We like to change it often. The dishes of our Marche tradition are never missing.
We offer simple ingredients and delicate combinations for enjoy the best that the sea gives us.

The Cellar

Curated by our Maitre Lorenzo Serfilippi, it has valuable local labels,
famous Italian and international wines.


The most coveted and evocative place of the Fortino is the panoramic terrace, with a view on the bay of Portonovo, which houses the restaurant during the summer. There view of the sea on one side and the Conero on the other gives it a suggestion unique in the Marche region.

Sala dei Marescialli

The Salone dei Marescialli is a room overlooking the sea with a capacity up to 200 people.
The characterizes a central skylight that gives it a lot of brightness. It also has a large chimney that warms the environment during the winter.

Sala del caminetto

The oldest, the Sala del Caminetto, is a welcoming and charming environment. presided over the center by the large column chimney, which gives its name to the room. The interior walls are by Conero’s stone and the chandeliers, in wrought iron, are in style with the Napoleonic era.


Events and promotions

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