Inside the garden overlooking the sea we have created a freshwater swimming pool with phytopurification, i.e. purified with the help of aquatic plants.
It is a sinuous blue embrace that completes the pampering of our lawn.
The water is conveyed and filtered onto an area of the bio-pool where a selection of aquatic plants such as straw, rush, cattail and water mint find their home.
A comfortable and pleasant space thanks to its shallow depth of 1.40m and the inclined walls.
Nature surrounds the entire area, the lawn makes walking soft and the trees offer generous and fresh shade.

The constant movement of the water, with its very light ripples, creates a sense of well-being typical of natural and uncontaminated environments. Everything is inspired by contact with nature and every detail is designed to bring the peculiar elements of the bay to life more intensely.
Holm oaks, lentisco trees, strawberry trees… the immersive greenery in which the bio-pool stands speaks only of Portonovo.
Here it is possible to sunbathe comfortably distanced, jumping from one shade to another, with the freedom to choose your favorite sunbed. Under the trees, by the pool, near the sea shore… Welcome to an oasis of comfort and relaxation.